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The Cancer Journey

Hypnotic Interventions

Certification Masterclass*

Monday 17th August 2020
HTL Post Conference MasterClass
Las Vegas

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Presented by
Garry Coles MSc

Garry Coles

One Day That Will Change Lives!

1 in 2 born since 1960 will be affected by cancer at some time in their lives,

40% of those affected seek out complementary therapies,

20% of the population will be seeking YOUR help.


We are contacted regularly by so many highly qualified & experienced hypnotherapists who have someone close to them diagnosed with, or going through the cancer journey who don’t know what to do. Cancer incidence is now at epidemic proportions, don’t wait – BE PREPARED!

A doctors testimonial having attended the Hypno-Oncology ‘Hypnotic Interventions for the Cancer Journey’ Masterclass.

Feedback from previous Attendees

Previous courses held in the UK, Europe, USA & the Middle East.

100% of respondents rated presenter knowledge, information in the workshop and quality of information as Excellent! Pace and style along with demonstrations were also rated as good or excellent by 100% of respondents.

Can I take the opportunity to recommend to anyone that wants to get into hypnotherapy in an oncology setting that I wholeheartedly recommend Garry Coles Hypno-Oncology Masterclass. I beat cancer and did a lot of research during my journey and still came away with a toolbox of new knowledge, skills and ideas.

I spent a day learning about Hypno-Oncology with Garry Coles. I don’t think there is anyone more knowledgeable than Garry and he’s an excellent trainer, so it was a complete success as far as I was concerned. For me the subject is very important as I want to be as knowledgeable as possible before working with cancer patients.

Very competent, a wealth of knowledge and experience, appreciated the facts, no woo-woo! Excellent! Great demonstrations.

Passionate presenter with incredible knowledge, delivered in an easy to understand way.

I’ve learnt so much, I wish I had this information when I had cancer 10 years ago!

New information presented in an engaging way.

Garry is very knowledgeable; his presentation of the information came across as very trustworthy

Course material is excellent

Loved the real case studies.

This has taken away my fear of working with cancer patients

Fantastic day, I am still processing all the great information

Garry’s authority and depth of knowledge is apparent in his confident presentation, material and delivery

Great course, great techniques, and the research was excellent

Thanks Garry, a really informative and useful day. Particularly impressed by your strong ethics and empathy

I learnt more about cancer than I ever have

Excellent, very useful, practical information enjoyed hearing about your experiences with patients.

Great workshop, I’m really glad I took it, you are very knowledgeable.

I enjoyed the case studies as they gave a better understanding of the material

I enjoyed the knowledge of the presenter most.

I liked that the questions were answered, and we weren’t looked down on.

Excellent, very useful, practical information enjoyed hearing about your experiences with patients.

Really enjoyed the demonstrations and the different styles of sessions.

Garry was brilliant!!

Course Outline

The Cancer Journey—Hypnotic Interventions

This masterclass will give an overview of cancer and the cancer journey, it is essential to understand the process, journey, terminology and treatment being undertaken to be able to communicate effectively with both patients and the medical profession.

This masterclass will demonstrate how hypnotherapy is an essential complementary intervention to assist in the patient’s cancer journey. Emotional and psychological support can be beneficial at all stages of the journey.

There will be an introduction to cancer formation, grading and staging, along with the treatments employed with potential side effects. A review of ethical and legal issues involved with working with cancer patients will be given.

An overview of the most likely issues to be worked with along with teaching of hypnotic techniques and approaches employed to work with cancer patients successfully. We will review the numerous supplied scripts and technique approaches. The day will be augmented with numerous case studies, demonstrations and best practice tips. 

Hypnotherapy can be a useful addition in preparing for surgery as well as assisting with post-surgery healing and pain control.

Other common areas experienced, including such areas as insomnia, anticipatory nausea, dysgeusia, dietary issues can often be helped with hypnotherapy.

Common areas that you can successfully work with will be highlighted, and techniques and approaches discussed.

Current research will be examined. You will be shown how to work with the patient to address and help them control their symptoms, (in conjunction with other treatments given).

On completion of the masterclass, you will have the knowledge to be able to:-

Effectively communicate and work with cancer patients, having an understanding of the physical and psychological aspects of cancer.

Ethically work with cancer patients, knowing what you can legally say and work with.

Create hypnotherapy treatment plans through having a knowledge of the patients’ cancer journey.

To provide appropriate psychological support to both patient and carers.

To assist the patient in controlling their symptoms and side effects.

Utilise and understand the potential benefits of Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI)

Bonus Content

120 pages of notes, 60 pages of Hypno-Oncology scripts, 34 pages of technique descriptions. (In PDF format).

Secret Facebook Group containing video demonstrations of all techniques taught (and demonstrated on the day)

Further bonus video lectures

Further bonus audio lectures, audio of pretalk

Further research articles

Further mentoring and Q&A’s

Further scripts as produced.

Course Contents

The masterclass will be as a lecture style format, interspersed with demonstrations of techniques and case history discussions, aided with PowerPoint slides. Time will be given for delegate practice Q & A’s and interaction.

Introduction, learning outcomes and current research
Legal situations and ethics
Advantages to using hypnosis with cancer patients
Initial fast interventions – discussion and demonstration
Overview of cancer, formation, development, grading, staging and differentiation
Fast intervention sub modality demonstration
Case histories

The most common issues cancer patients require hypnosis for
Sessions and approaches
Communication skills with patients and medical staff
The importance of congruency and beliefs
Case histories
The importance of the pre talk including demonstration
Demonstration of authoritarian parts / ego state hybrid technique

Review of authoritarian parts technique and troubleshooting
Overview of cancer treatments
Potential treatment side effects
Case histories – thinking outside the box
Introduction to pain
Overview of five pain control approaches
Review of pain control scripts
Demonstration of sub modality pain control technique

Inductions, deepeners and contraindications
Review of thirteen supplied cancer journey related scripts
First cancer session – dealing with emotions
Demonstration of shimmering barrier pain reduction technique
Presurgical hypnosis approach and empirical evidence
Introduction to psychoneuroimmunology in relation to cancer, review of the empirical evidence
Best practice tips
Further education and research

About Garry Coles

One of only a very small number of hypnotherapists in the UK (and probably Europe) to hold an MSc in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Garry has helped in excess of 2,000 cancer patients over fourteen years of hypnotherapy experience in an oncological setting where he is the resident hypnotherapist in a major hospital offering hypnotherapy treatment for a myriad of cancer related issues. He has received specialist cancer hospital training. He also spent a year imbedded in the hospital’s Breast Cancer Multidisciplinary Team attending weekly meetings with the surgeons and oncology team to discuss cases and treatments.  Garry carried out the first ground breaking UK clinical research project into the effects of pre-surgical hypnotherapy on the recovery quality in breast cancer biopsies. The results were acclaimed and are awaiting publication.

Referred to in the industry as ‘The Hypnotherapist’s Hypnotherapist’ due to the number of hypnotherapists Garry offers treatment, training and mentoring for, Garry also counts numerous Doctors, Psychologists, Psychotherapists and Counsellors amongst his patients (and has taught many of them hypnotherapy) and is seen as the ‘Go To’ hypnotherapist for the more challenging cases from all over the UK (and abroad).

Garry is also one of the few hypnotherapists contracted to the UK National Health Service (NHS) for hypnotherapeutic work, he consults on a regular basis at a major hospital specialising in oncology-based hypnotherapy work. He also practises from within a local GP surgery, with the GP’s referring many of the patients directly. In addition, he receives hospital referrals and referrals from many other local GPs and health care professionals.

Practising as a full-time therapist for many years, Garry has busy private practices in five locations in the South East of England; Farnham and Guildford in Surrey, Odiham and Fleet in Hampshire and the prestigious Harley Street in central London.

Garry was recently elected, for the second time, (by his peers in the industry) to the Hypnotherapy Profession Specific Board (PSB) for the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) in the UK, where he advises the CNHC on all aspects of hypnotherapy governance and training. He was also part of the team of three who formulated the basic UK curriculum for hypnotherapy training.

Garry is a regular presenter, worldwide, at conferences and conventions, in addition to presenting his own highly acclaimed masterclasses.

The only course on working with cancer patients you will ever need. Scripts, techniques and real life case histories backed up by further mentoring via the Facebook Group from an acknowledged expert in the field of Hypno-Oncology and accredited by the Association of Hypno-Oncology Practitioners.

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The only course on working with cancer patients you will ever need. Scripts, techniques and real life case histories backed up by further mentoring via the Facebook Group from the acknowledged experts in the field of Hypno-Oncology and accredited by the Association of Hypno-Oncology Practitioners.

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*CPD course—Certification requires exam pass and meeting licensing conditions

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