Video and Audio

Below are links to video and audio of previous podcasts, interviews and mini lectures.

Many more are planned, so check back often and also check out the Hypno-Oncology Facebook group for research information and updates.


Video Interview with Alex William Smith – January 2020

Garry Coles being interview about hypnotherapy and ethics in the UK and approaches to cancer care using hypnosis

Video Interview with Jimmy Petrucci – January 2020

Jimmy Petrucci interviews hypnotherapist & hypno-oncology practitioner Garry Coles about cancer work

Video interview with Karen Bartle in Australia

Garry Coles being interview by Karen Bartle in Australia

Video interview with Jason Linett in the USA


Video interview with Selena D. Valentine of HypnoBiz in New York


Audio Podcast with Howard Cooper in the UK

Audio Podcast of Hypnosis Weekly with Adam Eason in the UK

The Association of Hypno-Oncology Practitioners: Hypnotherapy and Hypnotic Interventions for the Cacner Journey